“Dear people, as you know, like a spinning prayer wheel I cannot stop explaining to everybody that I like old things. I find it logical that those things, which are now twenty years old, in a further twenty years will actually be just as old. I don't need to care about new or modern things because young people are doing this already, and then it will become their turn later to think about now, about what strange fashion they were following, or about whether to throw away their old pictures because they're embarrassed. Moreover, there is no future without a past; of course, the other way round it's the same, because nobody can think about the past without being in the future. However, back to business: I was lucky to be a member of the band Feeling B in my younger days. At this time, concerts were more important than disc recording, since the government record label AMIGA tended to standardize the recording fare. Thus we couldn't record our first disc until the time just before die Wende (the Fall of the Wall). All the staff members at AMIGA acted a little clumsy, as we were the first punk band that had entered their studio. We also wanted to exhaust all technical possibilities immediately and as a result lost our style a little, one might say. Then die Wende came and nobody had the slightest interest in an East German band. Nevertheless, we went back into the studio at our own expense in order to record two more albums, which at the time sounded weird due to time restraints, missing experience and lack of skills. Even for me as protagonist it is hard to listen to a Feeling B disc from beginning to the end. When now the fashion of the singing women and “German New Wave”–like songs returned I remembered our old songs, which nobody knows, just because the discs were a bit stressful. So the idea came to me of putting together a Feeling B album that might be listened to from beginning to end. To tell the truth, I didn’t succeed, but I’ve tried. Anyway, I’ve been listening to all the old multi-track sound tapes, after the producer Mark Bihler crisped them up a bit. And then I found a few really funny old recordings that I didn’t want to deprive the world of. The project became a thing-unto-itself, and now we have a new old record with four newly mixed and well-known Feeling B tracks and some other tracks as well. Perhaps it might have been better for it all never to have seen the light of day, but that is something everybody can decide on his own. In order to have something to scroll through whilst listening, there is a brochure with articles by contemporaries and corresponding pictures. This will all be released around the 9th of November 2007 at the small record label Motor.
Best Regards, Flake”

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